Join the KAPSLY community

Venture Building as a Service

As a KAPSLY Service Partner you will join not just a community but a movement for creating and sharing values.

Benefit from the KAPSLY community for only CHF/€ 1500 per year (excl. VAT). Start your Venture Studio immediately.
Service offering on marketplace
Sales support, client acquisition
Pre-qualification of startups/clients
Digital service contracts
Service tracking tool
Digital representation of startup ownership
Access to KAPSLY Startup School
Promotion of partnership
New Business Model for Startup clients
No fees for your own projects

Startup Marketplace

We help startups to identify their needs (based on the KAPSLY Matrix) and connect them with the right Service Providers. For our matchmaking services, the Service Providers pay a 10% commission fee on the service volume at the time when compensated (i.e. either money or virtual shares).