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from service agencies that invest.

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The launchpad for your new business.

Our service partners are ready to invest their expertise and time to help you make your dream come true. We make service investing accessible and professionalize service-for-equity and revenue-share compensation models.
Quick set-up
Start collaboration
within 2 weeks.
Flexible agreements
Don’t commit to equity right away.
Fair compensation
Track service values.
Receive revenue or company shares.
No legal hassle
Legal templates save you
1000’s of upfront fees.
No company valuation needed
Works like a convertible loan.
Bridge your funding gap
Pay when you have enough money.

Our service partners are excited to work with you.

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Creating and sharing values.

KAPSLY is a community of startup founders and service providers to support each other. Service investing is a great way to create and share values. Often service providers are the first investors in a startup.

Our marketplace and collaboration platform makes it easy and secure to start collaborations.
Don’t waste time with potential investors and start working.
Create real value for your business and focus on core activities.
Reduce cash-burn rate and save equity.
Find long-term partners and compensate them fairly.

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Get guided through the most important steps in the KAPSLY Matrix. Together with our partners we have created a 12-week program.
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